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Don’t Fall Prey to a Common Claim Catastrophe

Wading through unwieldy insurance policy text may be a great cure for insomnia. But if you’ve given up after a few dense pages of your homeowners policy, you may have missed a very important requirement that could trigger a painful surprise when you make a claim.

The Co-Insurance Clause

The co-insurance clause requires you to insure the structure of your home for at least 80% of the cost it would take to rebuild it. If you don’t, and then make a claim, your claim payment will be reduced based on the percentage that your house is underinsured.

Example: House with a replacement cost value of $350,000

  1. Coinsurance requirement: 80%
  2. Minimum amount of insurance coverage required: $280,000
  3. Actual amount of coverage on the policy: $210,000
  4. Claim: $75,000 for damage from a house fire

The co-insurance penalty would be applied as follows:

The actual amount of the insurance ($210,000) is divided by the required amount of the insurance ($280,000). The resulting amount (.75) is multiplied by the amount of the loss ($75,000) to determine the amount for which the claim would be paid ($56,250). In this case, the homeowner would have $18,750 in loss that would not be covered by the policy.

How to see if you are at risk

What to check: your house or condo policy’s Declarations Page 

Where to find how much the structure of your home is insured for: the section that indicates the “Coverage A” amount

What to think about:

  1. Any remodeling or additions you may have made to your home without adjusting your policy’s Coverage A amount.
  2. The last time you updated your policy’s Coverage A amount. The cost of materials and labor increases every year – older policies can have a substantial gap between the current Coverage A value and the actual replacement cost value.
  3. Whether an inflation guard provision is on your policy. It automatically adjusts your Coverage A amount based on the consumer price index. If so, check to see if the current coverage amount is realistic.

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