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How to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance

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Most people recognize that auto insurance is an essential and valuable means of protection. However, increased repair costs, medical expenses, auto theft claim payments, and auto injury lawsuits are all adding to the cost of auto insurance. We'll do everything we can to keep your auto insurance affordable, and there are ways you can control it, as well. Here are a few suggestions for lowering your auto insurance costs:

1. Increase your deductible.

When you have a claim, your deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance takes over. By increasing your deductible, you may be able to lower your premium, thus saving money.

2. Check insurance costs before buying a new vehicle.

Some vehicles are more expensive to repair or more likely to get stolen, making them more costly to insure. Please call or e-mail us if you would like an insurance quote for a particular vehicle.

3. See if you are eligible for any discounts.

Policy discounts may be available for a variety of reasons. If you qualify, you'll save money.

4. Reduce insurance coverage on older vehicles.

As your vehicle gets older, you might want to make changes in your auto insurance. Please contact us if you would like more information.

5. Drive carefully.

Accidents and traffic violations can increase your premiums. Always drive defensively, and remember to wear your seat belt.

If you're in the market for a different vehicle, we'd be happy to take care of the insurance shopping for you. Even if you're not buying a vehicle, we can review your current auto insurance needs and provide a policy update, if necessary, to ensure you have the proper coverage in place.

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