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It can be intimidating and confusing to walk into an auto repair shop and try to make sense of the repair process. The following information may make this process a bit more clear. If you have questions about your claim or our process, call our Claims Center at 800.342.5342.

Where to go for repairs

You can choose the repair shop you want to use, or where available in your area, you can use our direct repair program (DRP) where you choose a repair shop from our network of preferred repair shops. (The DRP is not available in the state of Massachusetts. Please call 800.342.5342 for a list of local referral shops.) For more information about DRP, click here.

Appraiser estimate vs. repair shop estimate

Some situations require that we have a local appraiser prepare a damage estimate for your car. A copy of the estimate will be provided to you to bring to the repair shop you choose.

It's very common for the appraiser estimate to be revised once the repair shop mechanic inspects your car. The mechanic can more thoroughly diagnose whether or not there are further damages than initially estimated. If additional damages are found, our appraiser will review the damages with the mechanic and revise the estimate as needed.

Agreed expenses

Our appraiser will write an estimate based on labor costs and parts needed to repair your car. At times, the repair shop mechanic's estimate may be higher or lower than our appraiser's estimate. If this happens, our appraiser will work directly with the repair shop to agree on expenses.

There are other circumstances that do not require a local appraiser. In these cases, we will ask you to submit an estimate to us from the repair shop you choose. Our in-house appraisers will then review and work directly with your repair shop to come to an agreed-upon expense.

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