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Usually people only share bad experiences. So these must have been really good.

We try hard to make sure each and every policyholder has the best experience possible. These people felt strongly enough about it to share. Take a look — and if you have a story of your own, just let us know.

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"I'm writing to express my gratitude and appreciation to your team of dedicated professionals. I am in GE Aviation and have been insured by Electric Insurance for many years. I was involved in an accident where a child darted out from in front of a large vehicle – right in the path of my car – and was injured as a result. As a cautious driver with a clean driving record, this was truly a nightmare. I was relieved to learn the law suit pending against me was settled in my favor. I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude for your team of professionals. Most importantly, I want to thank all of you for the support, compassion, patience, and understanding: for everything you did to get me through this terrible ordeal."

Jill O.


"As a retired GE Finance Manager who "asked for the details", I appreciate the kind of prior period variance analysis you prepared. This more than answers my question, and has quieted my quest to shop for lower auto insurance alternatives in a highly competitive environment. I realize this took extra effort on your part. Please accept my compliments for a job well done and spot-on analysis. Even in a tough economy, service trumps cost."

Robert Y.


"I was recently hired by GE and was contacted by Electric Insurance for my insurance needs. In my current position, I deal with a lot of people and I have been very impressed with the excellent level of customer service that I received from Electric Insurance employees. Their high level of service was prevalent in every phone call and e-mail correspondence I had with them. In today's times, it's rare to see much outstanding customer service."

Jennifer G.


"Our lawn mower caught our garage and house on fire. The days after our fire are a blur. Thankfully, Electric Insurance was easy to work with. Our first contact was quick to get us emergency funds and temporary housing and was thorough, friendly and professional. She contacted the adjuster and he was there right away. He was such a comfort and calming person to work with. He had a way of explaining things to us. He took his time with the long process of going through everything and evaluating our loss. He never made us feel rushed, when we became overwhelmed, he could bring us around. I cannot even imagine how much worse this experience would have been if your company would not have had such a great claims department."

Sharyl H.


This is my long-overdue letter regarding our experience with our homeowner's insurance coverage with Electric Insurance.

Our storm loss damage, from last spring's hail storm, was submitted with some reservations given our recent experience of vexatious refusal we suffered from our last homeowners insurance company.

Much to our satisfaction, after our phone call to them, Electric Insurance dispatched an adjuster who arrived two days later. We received his reports a few days later, and had our roof and other storm damage repaired/replaced in late summer. Payment by Electric Insurance was fair, prompt, and professionally handled; a complete 180 degree from our bad experience with previous insurers.

Our insurance claim submissions, over the past 50 years, have been few and far between. We have used a number of insurers over the years, some gave good service, a couple of them poor service. We tell our friends that, without reservation, Electric Insurance is the very best we have had.

It's nice to be treated like a customer, and not treated as a suspected insurance cheat.

Thank you and your agency for your support, good guidance and service over the past years.

James J.


I've been a customer of Electric Insurance Company many years, probably longer than some employees working at Electric Insurance have been alive. I can't say enough about how great Electric Insurance has been over the years. I recently had a terrible accident — the first bad accident I've ever had in my life. My vehicle was damaged to a great extent. Electric Insurance contacted me immediately and my vehicle was in the shop for repair within two days. Everyone I talked to at Electric Insurance, including the appraiser, was very professional, friendly, and concerned for my well-being. Thank you Electric Insurance for being such a great company.

Victor P.


Thank you, I have never seen an insurance company that reacts as fast as you. I have been in the military for 24 years and have used numerous insurance companies. My last was **** ... but you are the best... I am glad I listened to my mortgage broker about you.

Thank you and your team for great service.

Ikchin S.


Once again, I thank you for being such a caring company... From the first call made to you for a claim, to the last, no matter who I spoke with — consideration and empathy were given to me by each of your staff ... and it was very much appreciated. Have a great week!

Debra C.


The service was excellent and the treatment I received was excellent. Electric Insurance Company made a stressful time in my life much easier. I would recommend Electric Insurance Company to everyone! They are #1!

Frances L.


Thank you for your prompt follow up and response. As a result of your communication, I have decided to stay with Electric Insurance. Price isn't everything and when you come down to service, reliability and integrity, I know my wife and I are in "better hands" with Electric Insurance.

Thanks again and have a great day!

Bernard B.


Allow me to express how deeply satisfied we are with your claim process.

Earlier this summer, two fierce hailstorms battered parts of Jefferson County, Colorado, where both insured properties are located. The hail was unusually violent; it shattered the north-facing windows, shredded the blinds behind the open windows, and, of course, seriously damaged the roof of our residence. It also damaged the roof of our rental property in Wheat Ridge.

We made a claim for both properties. Within two to three short weeks in each case, an adjuster had visited the property and the insurer issued a check that covered the damage. We are VERY happy with the service. Your service quality is particularly noteworthy considering that we only became a customer in June of this year.

We will continue to do business with Electric Insurance and make referrals to friends and family whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Thank you and best regards.

Floy J. & David W.


I want you to know that my first claim experience with Electric Insurance was the best customer service I have had in many years. Ms. Christine T. and anyone that I spoke to at Electric Insurance were very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient with any of my concerns or requests. The service that was provided was outstanding. Thank you to everyone at Electric Insurance for getting me through this unfortunate accident in such a timely manner. You are the best.

James R.


Thank you for the follow-up, Christina. I received the Electric Insurance check yesterday and stopped by the shop today. As always, I am so impressed with the way Electric Insurance handles claims. That is why I have stayed with you all for so many years. Thankfully I haven't needed to file too many claims, but the couple of times I have you all have handled them flawlessly.

Mark S.


Great Experience!

I was very pleasantly surprised to find such a competitive quote. Should have done this earlier. Both people I worked with (Josh & Mike) were friendly, professional, and informative. I've already shared my experience with three colleagues.

Thank you.

Robert A.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

My wife, Doris, and I, are very grateful for the extraordinary service we received on this claim.

The paper work in handling the scrapping of the Infinity and the refund check was fantastic!! We replaced the Infinity with another Infinity and are very pleased with the selection.

The medical claim (hearing impaired) was also handled with extreme haste and now that she has her hearing aids, we are talking normally again. Hallelujah!!

Electric Insurance has been my protector since my days with GE (36 yrs.) and will continue to be my provider until I no longer require insurance.

William B.


Douglas, I want to thank you for the most efficient manner in which you handled this claim. It is difficult to deal with business in this decade due to the sloppy and inept SOP (standard operating procedure) that customers are dealt with. Electric Insurance has the most knowledgeable, courteous and well-trained employees that I have had the pleasure to deal with recently, and I am most impressed. I hope your company continues to address customer service in this way and doesn't have to make concessions to their company policies anytime soon.

Dorothy G.


All employees I contacted were very professional and very helpful. I have had Electric Insurance for many years and this being the first claim on my car. I didn't know what to expect but I was delighted with service and understanding. Thanks to all!

Franklin S.


Nicole B. received my call and processed my claim with concern and complete professionalism. The speed in which Electric Insurance responded was dazzling. I have shared my positive experience with everyone I know. Great Company. You have won my loyalty.

Ann H.


I have never experienced an accident before where my car was totaled and I am very pleased how your company took care of me and helped me through this difficult time. They made this bad experience easy on us.

Thank You!

Maria I.


I recently had to make a claim for an accident. Thank goodness no one was hurt. However I was not looking forward to the whole process, which I have heard nightmares about. I want to tell you how grateful I am. Your company was wonderful. I made one phone call and everything was taken care of. Your company even got in touch with the car rental company. Wow, all the people involved were very helpful and very nice. Even the body shop, which you recommended, was great. I am so grateful. Thank you for making it an easy and pleasant experience.

Chiara L.
New Jersey


It was short and sweet. No ifs, no buts, all questions were answered in a polite and kind manner.

Rolando B.


... I have had an excellent experience with Electric Insurance. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would I be to recommend your company? That would be a 10! I would absolutely recommend Electric Insurance. Your staff is very professional and efficient. My claim was handled quickly in all aspects. And I received phone calls from your representatives checking to see if I needed anything. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Becky B.


My initial contact person was Daniel O. and he was very calming and helpful. He made me feel as though my home would be taken care of and not to panic. My appraisal was done very quickly and professionally. I am VERY happy with the support and professionalism we received from Dan. His outstanding knowledge and true empathy are a RARE occurrence in today's weakening customer service base. Thank you for employing quality employees such as him.

William J.


Thanks a bunch, Doug! You are a peach! I can't tell you enough of how outstanding your customer service is. You really ROCK! I have a friend that works at **********, who is an insurance adjuster. I've bragged so much about my insurance company and your customer service that she wishes Electric Insurance had offices in Dallas, Texas so she could make that switch. I really hope that Electric Insurance is treating you right, because you definitely know how to keep the customer happy and the process of all this ran smooth. You are very much appreciated! I wish my rates could go down, but I won't stress too much over that. Your customer service means so much more. They always say "you get what you pay for!" Doug did exactly what he said he would. He explained the process very well, he gave a timeline and he followed up. What more can you ask for? I received excellent customer service and would refer all my family, friends, and co-workers to Electric Insurance.

Hope you get the recognition that you deserve. You are a STAR employee!

Thanks again!

Kim G.


The customer service has always been excellent and I really appreciate the service. I would recommend you to anyone and I hope to continue our business relationship and great service I have received. Your staff is wonderful. They are courteous and answer all questions accurately and efficiently. They are doing a fantastic job. You are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with.

Thank you.

Subramanian R.
New Jersey


Anthony, I am sure you guys get more "fan mail" when things go bad or people are upset, so I wanted to send off a quick positive note. Brad (and the entire Electric Insurance team) does an outstanding job with how they treat their policyholders. Service is fast, friendly, professional, and I always come away from any discussion knowing that I am "taken care of." With today's cost-cutting measures so many companies have ill-performing customer service that are either slow, cannot speak English, are not competent in the details, etc. Not so with Electric Insurance.

I have been an Electric Insurance customer for over nine years and it truly has been a pleasure dealing with you all. Although Electric Insurance doesn't have their own motorcycle policy, the way Brad and team helped me was fantastic. I had a policy within minutes of my phone call with him. Great job!

Andy A.
New York


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