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Knowing what's next helps. Really.

We pride ourselves on taking really good care of our customers who have just had some kind of problem that requires filing a claim. But we recognize that part of feeling in control is knowing what to expect — and in what order. So here is an explanation of the steps to filing a claim and getting your home back together and feeling welcoming again.

The quick overview:

  1. Report your claim by calling 800.342.5342 any day, any time
  2. Talk with the adjuster by phone to describe the incident
  3. Have the loss appraised
  4. Receive your settlement check (in most cases, less the deductible)
  5. Get the damage fixed
  6. Have your home re-inspected afterwards, if requested

If you have a mortgage, the settlement check must be jointly issued to you and your mortgage holder.


The detailed version:

1. Reporting your claim

How to report a claim?

  • Call us at 800.342.5342, any day or time
  • An experienced phone representative will open a claim
  • The claims process for your specific situation will be explained

What information will I need?

  • A copy of your policy
  • A copy of your Declarations page
  • A list of damaged items/personal belongings
  • Age and cost/copies of invoices of damaged personal items (if available)
  • A copy of any estimate for repairs to the damaged area (if available)
  • Information about Contractor who will conduct repairs (if applicable)

2. Processing your claim

For small or simple claims:

  • Your adjuster may authorize you to submit an estimate from a contractor of your choice
  • An internal auditor will review to ensure fairness and accuracy of pricing in conjunction with stated damages.

For larger or complex claims:

  • In many instances, we may be able to prepare an estimate based on your description and photos
  • If damage is too large or complex, an Independent Adjuster may be assigned who specializes in your type of claim


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