Auto Insurance Claims

Knowing what's next helps. Really.

We pride ourselves on taking really good care of our customers who have just had an accident, or had some other problem that requires filing a claim. But we recognize that part of feeling in control is knowing what to expect — and in what order. So here is an explanation of the steps to filing a claim and getting your car, truck or SUV back on the road in style.

The quick overview:

  1. Report your claim by calling 800.342.5342 any day, any time
  2. Talk with the adjuster by phone to describe the incident
  3. Take your vehicle to a body shop for an estimate, or have us create one
  4. Receive your settlement check (in most cases, less the deductible)
  5. Get the damage fixed
  6. Pay for and pick up your vehicle
  7. Have your vehicle re-inspected afterwards, if requested

If you have a car loan (lien), the settlement check must be jointly issued to you and your lien holder.


The detailed version:

1. Reporting your claim

How do I report my accident?

  • Call us at 800.342.5342, any day or time or Start your Claim online
  • Please do not call from the scene of the accident — you may be distracted by police, tow trucks, or other involved parties
  • You won't need detailed information at this time, that'll come later

2. Processing your claim

Who will I deal with?

  • Typically, the licensed adjuster you reported the accident to will investigate and process your claim
  • If your claim needs to be assigned to another adjuster, that person will contact you as quickly as possible to get things moving.

What kind of information will I need to provide?

  • The driver will need to provide a spoken statement of the accident details
  • The statement may be recorded to support any liability findings
  • You will be asked about passengers, injuries, damage to your vehicle, citations, and information you may have about other parties in the accident

Were police at the scene?

  • If so, we'll need to know which police department and the report number, if available
  • Your adjuster will request a copy of the police report
  • You can help speed the process by getting a copy of the report and sending it to us

How is fault determined?

  • Several factors are looked at to determine fault including:

  • driver and witness statements
  • police reports
  • state laws
  • general rules of the road.

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